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Spring Detox Time is Here!

One of the best way to shed excess winter pounds and get healthy is good detox.  And the very best time to begin your detox is spring!  For more background on the how toxins = excess fat and why spring is the best time to rid your life of BOTH, please see my April 26, 2013 blog "Spring Cleaning!"

Emotional Detox
Last year I told you about some of the basics of detox.  This year I'd like to dig a little deeper!  The benefits of detox are all over the magazines online and off these days.  But one thing you won't read about in Women's Health (April 2013, p. 96) or other mainstream sources is  emotional detox.

Some of the toxins your liver has to detoxify are emotions.  Emotions are real.  They are produced by chemicals released into the body to help produce different physical and mental responses.  The negative emotions such as anger, grief, frustration, and stress become toxic to our bodies after only a little time and must either be broken down (detoxified) by the liver or they must be stored in new fat cells.

So when you commit to a detox process, some of the toxins you will be removing are the chemicals of these emotions.  As the body breaks down the fat the chemical emotions are again released into the blood stream and sent to the liver for processing.  As they circulate, you will again feel the emotions.  Once again those chemical toxins will make you feel angry, blue, grumpy and frustrated. They may make you argue with your partner, children, or coworkers.  Believe me, they will make you want to STOP your detox and head for the nearest bar, or bag of chips!

But to really realize the benefits we must push on through with our commitment to a clean, toxin free body.  This is where I can help!  Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest and best ways to free oneself from big, negative emotions and let them go.  The process is fun and easy and you'll feel fresh and light-as-a-feather after only ONE session.  More importantly, hypnotherapy lets you build in simple, effective, SUBCONSCIOUS ways to solve the problems that create stress, worry, anger and frustration all year long.

There are several important things to keep in mind when doing a detox. One is simply that an effective detox will ALWAYS have an emotionally cleansing component.  If detox doesn't make you edgy - its not really working.  (sorry!)  Next is: when toxic emotions do arise, remember those emotions are coming OUT of you - NOT into you.  So, contrary to human nature, you want to avoid placing blame for your feelings outside yourself.  Its not your partner, children, or boss causing you to feel this way...and its NOT your detox coach!  It is simply part of the process of real toxin removal.  When you keep in mind that the feelings are from old wounds and they are passing through your system on their way OUT for good and all, they not only become easier to deal with, they become actual proof that your detox is working.

One other thing to keep in mind is that you can speed your way through the emotional detox by drinking more water and consuming more green foods (dark green leafy vegetables - including algae).  In other words - increase the detox to speed the toxic emotions on their way.  And you can make the emotional detox easier to handle by talking walks in the fresh air, listening to happy music, journaling (try my online journal/support forum and resource Club at CMH ) or watching a nice movie.

Last thing to keep in mind as a resource is the strategy of "taking a break".  The fact is you CAN dive into a pack of chips or a tall brewski if it gets bad enough.  Take the dive and then get right back on the detox track the next day.  It is the daily consumptions of these toxins that contribute to the liver's overload.  Not a one day indulgence.  If you have to detox by fits-and-starts its still a better detox than giving up on your goals.  Besides, toxic emotions actually represent a much more dangerous overload than a little junk food. Better you eat some junk every few days than that you stuff those negative emotions back into your belly - or the face of an innocent bystander!

Making it through the hardship of emotional detox may take all the resources you can muster.  But the benefits are well worth it.  So before you give up on yourself, please call me and book an appointment.  I am on your side!  I know how hard it can be.  I'm doing my own slow, grueling, detox right now.  And I rely on hypnosis to get me through too.

This year I'm offering a great discount on a Detox Kit.  The kit includes a personal hypnosis session to help you through the emotional part, hypnosis CD for use at home, coaching on the (tried and true) How To's of the dietary detox process, and luxurious spa quality products for the physical detox.  You can find the deal on Groupon or you can get it by mentioning the deal when you book your appointment.  Either way, you're going to find a deep effective detox will jump-start your Summer weight loss and give you a healthy new lease on life!

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