Clear Mirror Healing - "Nothing is Incurable"
Health Expert

Tolley Thompson is a Naturopathic physician, a 4x certified Hypnotherapist, Shaman, Reiki Master, Certified Cranio-Sacral Therapist, counselor, psychic, and certified teacher.  She has 18years experience in hypnotherapy including the development of a pain-free natural birth process, pain-free (and drug free) dentistry, and a positive personalized and effective weight-loss process.  As a shaman Tolley has developed a cutting edge therapy she calls "Intuitive Healing" which allows treatment of the WHOLE person - not just the physical body, but emotional, spiritual, sexual, social and many other bodies which have no names in our language.  She has cured many incurable diseases, genetic conditions, and social-emotional disorders using this ever-evolving technique.  Tolley also has a BS in Biology, MS in Education, ND in Naturopathic Medicine and a vast background in applied science. 

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